Monday, August 31, 2009

face off- briji

A city never sleeps. Bangalore is also no exception. Faceless people are trying hard to keep pace with time and striving to make a fortune. Hectic activities ,tremendous pressure and mad rush to reach the top make people inhuman at times. In human to the extend of doing anything to chase their wild dreams .All dreams laced with the greed for money ,and money only. Here, greed rules. But when we realize the fortune amassed was the prize of our children ,it will be too late.
When parents extend all the comforts of 21st century , little they know that sometimes it could lead them through the wide and beautiful road of evils. .They tend to fly around the fire of trespasses like little flies where they succumb. One will be shocked at the pace of the young generation’s chaotic journey of life. Temptations are so high in this city where any body may heed and fall face down. There is no escape. They will be lost and sometimes… lost for ever.!
The young blood wants everything instantly .That is where hawks surface. The clever evil minds weaving cob webs everywhere to trap these flies. In this city, evil has a pretty face and hidden ingrown claws . The brutal destroyer of the society aim only money and they target youngsters. They create easy access to drugs, sex, porn, and other nerve wrecking elements for young blood, who always have a fatal attraction for such things. At this age, emotions rule over wisdom. ‘It is my life’ attitude of these children make things worst.

Students and teen agers are the most vulnerable front runners for all temptations. They can avail every other things in places which they call ‘joints’.
For all these joints youngsters have enough money to throw around. There are lots of opportunities to fetch some fast bucks’. Summer job, short time modeling , one night stand prostitution, play boys for elderly woman entrepreneurs or visiting high profile middle aged wives of big business tycoons etc etc. Hitherto it may be weird to think that some one can sell their parenthood. But now , fertility clinics buy sperm and egg from young healthy boys and girls .

Parents are helpless because most of the time they get the signals too late. More over the audacity of youngsters to experiment anything and everything is alarming. Children became incorrigible.

As they know it is easy to hide in a crowd they do everything under the nose of these parents and the so called big brother of the society. They live in an imaginary world thinking that it is their right for everything and they are prohibited from the worldly pleasures. They feel hurt for nothing and bark at every shadow. They always emphasize the freedom , freedom of choice. The recent ruling of “gay rights” and legalizing of “living in relation ships” all shows about the fast changing attitude of the society,. The other day news paper carried the news of starting a matrimonial column for gay couple. The day is not far away that your daughter or son may bring home his or her same gender partners.

In a survey conducted, almost ninety percentage of the boys and girls had physical relation ship before marriage. “spinster daughter” and “ bachelor son” are all stories of yester years. Now a days children call themselves ‘hot’ right from the primary classes. They dare use the word ‘one night stand’ etc. The other day one lady doctor had written about the immature approach to wards what ever they see in TV ads. So many girls approach her with serious problems after taking the ‘I pill”. Among them some had consumed three times in a single cycle. !

It is a paradox that when police raid local lodges located in some small hamlets, in city big hotels and other ‘houses’ are very active in prostitution. Small time models, extras, beauty pageant contestants and of course college students indulge in good business. After all these, all of them enjoy a regular status in the society also. Once in a while when some stray incidents happens , the media and the authority focus only on that particular case in a haphazard way and the victim dies an emotional death. where as the deep sea of such problem goes unstirred. Last year when, in a ‘sting operation’ ‘CNN IBN ‘ flashed videos of porn studios every parent’s heart was aching helplessly. Good looking girls were ready to act nude provided the movie should not be screened locally. They are ready to do the act in front of the camera for a meager amount of five thousand rupees.!The shocking thing is that whatever may the fatal attractions ,the educated youth are ready to take the plunge into any uncivilized or unhealthy mess. And once when they realize how foolish were they, the impact will be heart breaking.

One psychiatric doctor says some of them just want the money and some are just want to prove themselves in some way. Though I have nothing against reality shows , it plays a big roll in the youngster’s life. In fact behind the claim that ‘a flat form for every body’, the ultimate aim is to make big money. These channels come forward with crazy ideas where they attract young girls and boys only to earn money out of which they give a fraction to the winner. The winner is always one, and for that several ambitious children waste their time, money and carrier and of course the high end dreams of their parents. Reality shows like,’splitz villa’ ,ye jungle se muche bachado’ etc are all just rubbish .They are sure to get viewers who ‘peep through the key hole’ .
As counselors put in, there is a sharp increase in patients who are depressed and nurture suicide tendencies as they put themselves in the other group called ‘good for nothing’. In some cases even parents compare and ridicule them without realizing the limitations of their children..
In fact nobody really cares for the adverse effect of any aspect which directly of indirectly influence our new generation. Then we won’t make money by selling drugs ,by starting distilleries ,by selling spurious blood and medicine ,by circulating counter feit currency and a lot. I am not getting into the slush of corruption and even look at the dreaded politician leaches. Now a days in the melee of making both ends meet even the parents have no time to monitor our children.. We never think of the possibility to make the world a better place for them.. We are so selfish that unless until something happens to us ,we just brush it off saying ‘after all whose children are they any way.’!

In a city the first lesson some one learns may be of the three monkeys ,’here not, see not , speak not, [but not in the true sense. ]

That is the reason why, from our neighborhood, innocent girls and boys are kidnapped and drugged to make them drug peddlers, prostitutes and transgenders.. Under the influence of drug they won’t even recognize their parents. The chilling news of a Mysore boy who was drugged and operated upon to change him to a transgender is not old.. Police caught him when he was into prostitution and recognized him as the parents had given a missing complaint months back. [When he came out of the spell he narrated his heart rending story and few doctors came forward to rectify his mutilated genitals] . That is the reason why no neighbor took any notice of the double murder happened next door., that is the reason why husband, son, wife, anybody give money to ‘suppari killers’ to eliminate their near and dear ones.
After all whose life is it any way